How does it work?

We created Homebound to work in collaboration with artists offering a series and platform that would be entirely engineered by an audio engineer and give artists a chance to hold ticketed events to support our industry during this time. Holding no hidden costs to the artist and every opportunity to gain a few dollars. 

Through a series of one-on-one meetings; our engineer will take you through setting up and help you get the best audio out of the resources you have at home. We use a livestream software that gives us the ability to output high quality audio. 

What gear do i need?

Although it would be amazing to have an interface, microphone and high quality camera I know this may not be the reality for a lot of people. Before we start, we'll send you checklist to assess what you may have available to you at home and how we can achieve the best stream.


We are now registered with APRA under their online mini licence.